Exit Interview Program

The NC State Exit Interview Program is designed to identify work environment issues that contribute to retention and turnover; to provide exiting employees an opportunity to voice concerns and make suggestions; and to ensure the retrieval of university assets when an employee separates from employment.

Who’s Covered?

All full-time and part-time SHRA, EHRA and Post-Doc employees separating from the university are covered under the program. Faculty Exit Surveys are accessible on the on/offboarding website and also on the OIED website.

Employees transferring within the university are not asked to complete an exit interview or survey; however, individual departments may choose to collect information at the departmental level.

What Is the Policy?

All separating employees should complete an Exit Survey and a Separation Clearance Checklist as well as comply with any departmental exit requirements.  Completion of the Exit Survey is highly encouraged but not mandatory.

Exiting employees are strongly encouraged to schedule an Exit Interview.

SHRA, EHRA Non-Faculty and Post-Doc employees who would like to complete a face-to-face exit interview with Employee Relations may contact their department personnel representatives or Employee Relations at (919) 515-6575 to schedule an interview.  Faculty may contact Danielle Carr with the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity at (919) 513-3245 or dmcarr@ncsu.edu to schedule an exit interview.

Departments are responsible for the following.

  • Distributing the Exit Survey to each separating employee
  • Scheduling a face-to-face interview for interested departing employees
    • SHRA, EHRA Non-Faculty, and Post-Docs: Contact Employee Relations at (919) 515-6575.
    • Faculty: Contact Danielle Carr, Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity at (919) 513-3245.
  • Collecting data at the departmental level upon separation.  This information can be obtained by distributing a departmental exit survey and/or conducting a departmental exit interview.
  • Ensuring collection of university assets from the employee and the completion of the Separation Clearance Checklist.  Retain this checklist at the departmental level.

Where Is the Survey?

All employees leaving NC State can fill out the online exit survey.