ER Resource Library

ER Resource Library

Employee Relations maintains a resource library that contains over 50 work related books, cds, and videos for both managers and staff.  The subjects cover a wide range of topics from getting motivated and goal-setting, to leadership and communication.

Where is a listing of the resources?

A listing of the resources can be found at: ER Resource Library.  The table contains a listing of the title, author and brief description of each resource.

How do you check-out the resources?

Send an email to, indicating which material(s) you would like to check out. Include your name, title, department, telephone number, and campus box.  The materials requested will be sent to you via interdepartmental mail. After you finish, just send it back the same way (campus box 7210).

How will these resources help me?

The resources are great assets for employees in any type of work setting.  The tools can help provide guidance on difficult situations, writing techniques and leadership skills.  There are great how-to topics such as: motivating employees, conflict resolution, communication skills and team building.  The books, cds and videos can help with everyday situations and long term goals.