Drug-Free Workplace

North Carolina State University is committed to maintaining a drug-free workplace and campus. The unlawful manufacture, distribution, possession and/or use of controlled substances or the unlawful possession, use or distribution of alcohol is prohibited on NC State’s campus, in the workplace, or as part of any of the university’s activities. The information below provides NC State’s policies, as well as the applicable state and federal laws, on illegal drugs and alcohol, and is intended to assist you in gathering information about alcohol and other drugs and the problems and concerns associated with their misuse.

Resources for students and employees having alcohol or other drug problems are available on a confidential basis. The Campus Health Center (including the Student Counseling Center), 919- 515-2563, provides treatment, counseling, and referrals for students seeking help with substance use problems. The university’s Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FASAP), 866-467-0467, provides support, resources, information, and referrals for employees and their dependents. Persons who are experiencing problems with substance or alcohol use, either themselves or through their families, are encouraged to contact these resources within the university or use other resources such as family physicians, county mental health centers, Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous, and/or Al-Anon Family Groups. The university hopes that through our education and referral efforts we will be able to provide an effective means of dealing with the difficulties substance use can bring.

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