Probationary Employees

Newly hired (on or after August 22, 2013) SHRA employees, who have yet to achieve Career Status, serve a twelve (12)-month probationary period. This period provides time for new employees to adjust and work closely with their supervisor to learn and fully understand the job responsibilities and expectations. This period also allows the supervisor to provide the employee with necessary support, guidance, and feedback.

Communicating with Supervisor/Department

Maintaining an open line of communication between a supervisor and an employee is essential to create and maintain a successful work relationship. The university encourages all new employees to ask questions, familiarize themselves with expectations and determine if the position is right for them.

An employee should first contact their supervisor to answer questions, to address concerns as well as to review job responsibilities, expectations and departmental and university policies and procedures.

Performance Evaluations

Supervisors must establish work plans with new employees within the first 30 working days of employment.

Supervisors and employees are encouraged to work closely during this period, to discuss the employee’s progress and to address and/or correct any performance or conduct concerns.

Employees who have yet to achieve Career Status are eligible to participate in the SHRA Performance Appraisal program, provided there has been sufficient time to evaluate.

Achieving Career Status

Employees may achieve Career Status provided the following conditions have been met, including, but not limited to:

(1) The employee has been employed for a period of 12 consecutive months; and

(2) The supervisor is assured of satisfactory work performance.


Employees who have yet to achieve Career Status are eligible to transfer to other departments.


Prior to achieving Career Status, an employee may be separated from service for causes relating to performance of duties, for personal conduct detrimental to the University or budget without right of appeal or hearing.

Supervisors must contact Employee Relations, 515-6575, before taking any action to separate the employees during this period.

Guiding Policies and Other Resources

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